Unnat Bharat Abhiyan (UBA)

Unnat Bharat Abhiyan

Under Unnat Bharat Abhiyan(UBA), a flagship program of Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India.

UBA Program Activities

The library collection includes following types/numbers of documents.

Sl. No.Project TitleProject Description
1.Name of the institute & AISHE codeS.D.M. College of Engineering and Technology, Dharwad C-1315
2.Title of the projectDevelopment of Electronics Based Models for Science Subject for Primary/High School Students
3.Name of Subject expert groupCurriculum Reforms and Educational Institutions Social Responsibility
4.Name of villages where project development activities were carried outGovernment Schools at Yerikoppa and Nayakana Hulikatti.
5.Duration/Budget of the projectSix Months
6.Brief Introduction The project aims to develop electronics based models for science subject for primary / high school students to expose them to understand the real time applications and also to reinforce the science concepts strongly into the students.
The following are the list of projects carried out
  1. A Simple Audio Amplifier: This project is used to reinforce the concept of how the signals are amplified
  2. A Model of our Solar System: Project is to give the idea of planetary motion and how electronic components are made use to illustrate the same.
  3. A water level controller: This project is used to indicate the water level in the tank and it controls the overflow of tank and also prevents water wastage and to brief the significance of how electronics has made our day to day life comfortable.
  4. A free energy generator with DC motor: This project illustrates how free energy can be generated using DC motor. Prototype model is developed to illustrate the same.
  5. Traffic Light Controller: The project is a prototype model developed to understand the working of Traffic signals in our day today life.
7.(a) Current statusProject completed (Date: August 2019 to January 2020)
(b) Achievement of the project The electronics models developed for science subject for primary / high school students has ignited young minds of Government school, yerikoppa and Nayakana Hulikatti, nearby Dharwad city. Also it has given exposure to understand the real time applications and reinforced the science concepts strongly into them.
The list of projects carried out are
  1. A Simple Audio Amplifier
  2. A Model of our Solar System
  3. A water level controller
  4. A free energy generator with DC motor
  5. Traffic Light Controller
The models are exhibited infront of government high school students, yerikoppa and they were very excited to understand the concepts, working of the models. Also they were very curious to know the details of the models and their real time applications. Really it was happy moment to share the knowledge with those students.
8.Project Outcomes
  • Development of electronics based models for science subject for primary / high school students.
  • Expose the students to understand the real time applications.
  • Reinforce the science concepts strongly into the students.
9.Description of Project
Sl. No.Electronics ModelConcept ReinforcedComponents required
1.A Simple Audio AmplifierSound, Navigation and manipulation of soundTransistor, Resistors, Capacitors, Power Supply, CRO/Speakers, Connecting Wires
2.A Model of our Solar SystemPlanets, Movement of Planets in the solar systemDC Motors,Ardunio Uno,CNC shield,Stepper Motor,A4988 driver,batteries, gears for movement, plastic balls,Switches,Foam Sheet
3.A water level controllerConservation of water, use of electronics in building solutionsArduinoUno, Ultrasonic sensor,LCD display,Connecting wires,Foam Sheet,Buzzer,Jumper Wires,Breadboard
4.A free energy generator with DC motorConservation of energyA bulb,single stranded wires,DC motor,Foam Sheet,Switches
5.Traffic Light ControllerMotion, Safety in movementLEDs,Arduino Uno,Jumper Wires,single stranded wires,Foam Sheet,Breadboard
10. Final impact of this project in the adopted villages The impact was the project ignited the minds of government high school students of yerikoppa village and students of Government School, Nayakana Hulikatti. It created curiosity among the students, how the things work in real time. It helped them to reinforce the concepts of science subject through these models. They posed several questions and got their doubts cleared, thus it enhanced their learning abilities. Finally it had lot of impact on the young minds and increased their rational thinking.
11.Number of Family benefitedAround 125 students and their families.
12.Other relevant informationIt was really a good experience working on this project. The interaction with students at Government high school, yerikoppa and Government School, Nayakana Hulikatti was altogether a new experience for the PI and student team. Lot of curiosity among the students to know the working and understanding the concepts behind the models. Overall experience was good.
13. Comments from NCI/ SEG Considered and Approved
15. Clarification from PI The models developed served the purpose of enhancing the learning capabilities of students in electronic components and models. The students visualized the working models and realized the concepts of science and technology behind the work.

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