Department of Chemistry



The Department of chemistry is established in the year 1979. The department aims at channelizing the basic scientific ideas to the engineering studies. The department is a recognized research centre of VTU, Belgaum. Presently eight students are working for their doctoral studies. It has developed research expertise in current research domains of Coordination Chemistry, Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Material Chemistry, Nanotechnology & Drug Delivery etc. Good numbers of R&D projects have been completed and 03 projects are successfully completed. The department has 04 faculty members with more than 120 research publications in reputed peer reviewed national and international journals with high impact factor. The department conducted various workshops and invited lectures to disseminate basic Chemistry knowledge to budding engineers. Blend of teaching and research expertise of the faculty is an added attribute in training the students

  • Year of Establishment: 1979
  • Head of Department: Dr. A. A. Kittur
  • NBA Accreditation Status: Fully Accredited under Tier 1 from June 2020 to June 2023
  • Current Intake (Including All Branches): 630(till 2021), 693 since 2022-23
  • Phone Number: 9945 258 096


To supplement professional competence with communication skills and ethical values.


  • To develop contextual curricula.
  • To promote effective teaching and learning practices along with the support of language lab.
  • To enhance effectiveness of report writing.
  • To inculcate ethics for the development of responsible citizens.

Strengths of the Department

  • Strong teaching learning process.
  • Qualified and competent faculty members with an average experience of more than 18 years.
  • The faculty members are Ph. D holders actively involved in creative writing.
  • Very cordial student teacher relationship.


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