Research at SDMCET is a methodical pursuit for achieving additional knowledge and understanding of the fundamental aspects of the research domains.

Development of research activities are rooted in SDMCET by visionary management policies like sending faculties to pursue their research studies under quality improvement programs(QIP) to IITs/NITs and deputing faculties for other QIP programs. Interaction and collaboration with foreign universities in UK and USA are the part of SDMCET research culture. Apart from this, the institute is being continuously encouraging faculties for postdoctoral fellowships at various national and international universities. Many elementary research projects at SDMCET have laid the foundation for strengthening knowledge that lead to applications over a period of time.

Not only does research make significant advancements to existing body of knowledge but also enriches the classroom experience which will enhance the teaching-learning process. Thus, members of faculty undertake research on a wide range of topics and these research endeavors are funded either internally or by external sources. SDMCET has 26 funded research projects and 19 have been completed and 07 are ongoing. The faculty members promote and deeply involved in research and consultancy in their respective discipline as well as interdisciplinary domains and thus, enhancing its intellectual base.

All the departments have recognized research centres in the institute. The office of Dean Research and Development provide the formal framework for most of the research activities which are carried at the department research centres

Funded Projects


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