UG Learning Corner : Board Capture of Class – 8th IDA

Dear Students,
Hope You are all doing well and by now almost settled comfortably in your family setup. Since the lockdown period is getting extended, let’s cover, online, a part of “Industrial Drives and Applications” course syllabus.

Our approach will be:

  • The topic to be covered is: “Industrial Applications”. I have chosen this chapter purposely as it’s relatively simple.
  • We have 4 applications in this chapter. For each, I have prepared a ppt and an audio. In the audio, I have tried to explain the ppt slide by slide.
  • Turn on both ppt & audio and try to understand the application.
  • Outcome expected: Students are to be able to explain the process in each application, drives employed, the reasoning for using those particular drives, etc.
  • We shall discuss and decide about the evaluation part, little later.

To start with I am posting the ppt and audio files for Steel Mill.

Go ahead. Wish you Happy Learning. Take care,
Prof. Mrityunjaya Kappali.
Dharwad, 31-03-2020

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