Digital Electronics project exhibition for IIIrd sem (A&B) CSE students.

Digital Electronics project exhibition for IIIrd sem (A&B) CSE students conducted on  Date: 17-11-2017 at CSE Dept.

Co-ordinators: Prof.J.V.Vadavi  and  Nita.Kakhandaki

  • The students built small application oriented circuit costing not more then 300/- .
  • Each team had maximum of 4 students. There were 36team.
  • This DE exhibition was held to motivate & to teach students the application aspects & it’s implementation of the concepts studied in DE theory. The students learnt soldering, fault diagnosis & correction.
  • The evaluation consisted of demonstration, working, Q&A, and a small video of the circuit which was consider as CTA for DE lab.
  • The faculty members involved in the evaluation team were: J.V.Vadavi, Nita.K, Anand.S.P, Archana.Nandibawoor, Rani Shetty, Yashoda.S, Mayur.B.Patil, Indira.R.Umarji, Sandhya.S.V, Vidyagouri.B.Hemadri, Vidya.Utturi, and Vinay.Angadi helped the students to solder the circuits.

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