COVID – 19 Preventive Measures

Instructions to students:

Note : Undertaking by Parent is in downloadable form

As per the directions of VTU the offline classes will commence from 17.11.2020 for  VII Semester (All branches), MBA-III Semester and M.Tech.-III Semester of all disciplines. In view of the above, students are informed to strictly adhere to the following preventive measures:

  1. Students need to maintain physical distancing (at 6 feet).
  2. Use face mask in the campus at all times is compulsorily.
  3. Frequent use of sanitizer and hand-wash with soap is advised.
  4. Spitting in the campus is strictly prohibited.
  5. Installation and use of Arogya Setu App is advised.
  6. All the students are allowed to meet faculty in small group of not more than 4 for any academic discussions.
  7. Crowding in the campus is not allowed.
  8. Used masks shall be disposed in the dustbins provided for the same.
  9. Cleanliness is to be maintained by students in all areas in the campus.
  10. Students staying in the hostel are not permitted to go out of the campus without permission.
  11. If you come to know about the symptoms of COVID-19 amongst your classmates, friends or anybody in the campus, the same is to be informed to COVID Coordinator / COVID centre in the campus.
  12. College authorities reserve the rights to test any student for COVID-19, any time.
  13. An undertaking by student / parent / guardian in the prescribed format is to be submitted at the time of reporting to the College.
  14. Attending offline classes is optional. However, attending laboratories to conduct experiment is mandatory and will be offline only.
  15. The Semester End Examination for all semester (theory, laboratory, project, etc.) will be conducted in offline mode only.
  16. Non-compliance to any of the above will be seriously viewed and will call for disciplinary actions by college authorities.
  17. In case of ill health of any kind of the student, the medical expenses are to be borne by the parents.

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