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Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara College of Engineering and Technology
(An autonomous college under Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belgavi and Recognised by AICTE)
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Research at SDMCET,Dharwad.

Research is "the careful, systematic, patient study and investigation in some field of knowledge, undertaken to discover or establish facts or principles”. Science and Engineering research conducted in academic institutions, industry and standard laboratories plays a critical role in raising our standard of living, creating jobs, improving health, and providing for National security. As International economic competition intensifies in the years ahead, the research will be even more important in meeting National Objectives. No one can accurately predict which technologies will dictate the next century. But we know that the increasing interconnection of computers into a global network will transform work, communications, entertainment, and education. Greater understanding of biological processes will help to meet the needs of an expanding global population while reducing the adverse effects of humans on the environment. Further, new treatments and preventive measures for diseases and injuries will improve the quality of life and lengthen the human life span.

To achieve National Objectives, Science and Engineering research requires continuous development of human resources. Research that includes an explicit educational component contributes to these objectives more powerfully than research done independently of education. Government agencies generally should favor funding projects at academic institutions, as opposed to other entities, because they directly link research to education and training in Science and Engineering.

Research at SDMCET Dharwad augment curriculum to enhance the effectiveness of teaching-learning process. Research environment gives the students an opportunity to innovate through formal education by contributing to do something that they are passionate about. The students and faculty have the zeal to learn something new. Research encompasses collaboration between students and faculty, aimed at either the discovery of new knowledge or building or validating the foundation of existing knowledge in a new dimension. This results our students to embark on research that is both relevant to their studies and future career paths, and SDMCET is striving hard to promote and achieve the same.

Research at faculty level addresses a variety of exciting problems, attempting to provide solutions that are different from what has been proposed earlier and offers counter-intuitive insights that will challenge established viewpoints. Not only does research make significant advancements to existing body of knowledge but also enriches the classroom experience which will enhance the teaching-learning process. Thus, members of faculty undertake research on a wide range of topics and these research endeavors are funded either internally or by external sources. SDMCET has 25 funded research projects and 19 have been completed and 06 are ongoing. Thus, the faculty members promote and deeply involved in research and consultancy in their respective discipline as well as interdisciplinary domains. This activity in the Institute brings up its intellectual base.

SDM CET provides a wide breadth of research opportunities for our students to discover something special in their respective field and making advantage of the facilities and infrastructure available during their stay. Undergraduate students are given inclination towards research by the way of research oriented in plant training, industrial visits, mini projects and major projects. The conversion rate of the projects in to papers is quite encouraging in the institution.

SDMCET has 09 research centres across the Departments and in all 103 research scholars are working at present. The research centres have been established to carry out research at different intensities and objectives viz research work leading to qualification up gradation, research work leading to provide solutions to industrial problems and for immediate implementation for the societal comfort and research adding value to the existing literature and product conceptualization and development.

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