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Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara College of Engineering and Technology
(An autonomous college under Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belgavi and Recognised by AICTE)
Competence,Commitment and Team work

Research Admission Procedure

  1. The candidate is required to write an application on plain paper seeking admission to Ph.D course and approaches the Guide along with the admission/registration letter issued by VTU/relevant competent or concerned authority.
  2. The Guide is expected to forward the application to the Head of the research centre confirming the fulfillment of the norms for Ph.D admission.
  3. The Head of the research centre will endorse the application and will direct the candidate to approach the admission section in the college office.
  4. The candidate is required to take the prescribed admission form from admission section and fill in completely and pay the prescribed fees in the bank. Further, the candidates are required to submit a copy of synopsis and other certificates as suggested by the admission section.
  5. The admission section will direct the candidate to the office of the Dean (CSRDC) to get counter signature before taking the letter to the Principal for signature.
  6. After getting the signature of the principal, the letter along with the DD drawn towards the prescribed registration fees to be paid to the university will be sent to VTU by the candidate self or by the admission section.
  7. Once the admission process is completed, the admission section will send the list of candidates admitted in that academic year for Ph.D course to respective research centres.
  8. The admission section will keep track of date of admission of the candidates and will inform the candidates to pay the tuition fees in the subsequent years as per VTU and college norms.
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