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SDME Society,Ujire(D.K)
Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara College of Engineering and Technology
(An autonomous college under Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belgavi and Recognised by AICTE)
Competence,Commitment and Team work

Dept of Electronics and Communication

Teaching Faculty Details

Sl. NoNameDesignationQualification Experience Profile
1 Dr. G.A Bidkar Professor and Head of Dept M.E, Ph.D27.00-27.00View
2 Dr.Vijaya C Professor M.Tech, Ph.D23.05-23.05View
3 Dr.Shreedhar A.Joshi Professor M.Tech ,Ph.D18-18View
4 Dr.Satish S. Bhairannawar Professor M.E ,Ph.D10.00-6.05View
5 Mrs. Savitri Raju Associate Professor M.E ,(Ph.D)20.03-20.03View
6 Dr. Hemalata V.BhujleAssociate Professor M.Tech, Ph.D18.00-18.00View
7 Dr. S.S.Kerur Asst.Professor M.E. Ph.D18.002.0020.00View
8 Mr. K.N.Hosur Asst.Professor M.Tech.(Ph.D)17.00-17.00View
9 Mr. S.V.Viraktamath Asst.Professor M.Tech.(Ph.D)18.051.0019.05View
10 Mrs. Jayashree.C.Nidagundi Asst.Professor M.Tech.(Ph.D)11.02-11.02View
11 Mrs. Sharada Sajjan Asst.Professor M.E. (Ph.D)20.00-20.00View
12 Mr. S.S.Navalgund Asst.Professor M.Tech.(Ph.D)
13 Mrs. R.H.Korthi Asst.Professor M.Tech.(Ph.D)15.06-15.06View
14 Mrs. Mala L.M Asst.Professor M.E12.8-12.8View
15 Mr.Vinayak Miskin Asst.Professor M.Tech.
16 Mr. Mahendra M.Dixit Asst.Professor M.Tech. .(Ph.D)7.10-7.1View
17 Mrs. Sumangala Bhavikatti Asst.Professor M.Tech.11.0011.0022.0View
18 Ms. Reshma Nadaf Asst.Professor BE M.Tech.9.00-9.00View
19 Mrs.Preeti S.Bellerimath Asst.professor BE M.Tech.7.04-7.04View
20 Mr. Raghuram K.M. Asst.Professor. BE (M.Tech.)6.05-6.05View
21 Mr. Sunil S.Mathad Asst.Professor M.Tech. (Ph.D)6.05-6.05View
22 Mr. M.Vijay Kumar Asst.Professor M.Tech 9.00-9.00View
23 Mr. Bairu K Saptalakar Asst.Professor M.Tech. (Ph.D)5.04-5.04View
24 Mr. S.S Ravishankar Asst.Professor M.Tech.5.10-5.10View
25 Mr. Kotresh M. Asst.Professor M.Tech4.05-4.05View
26 Mr. Shrikanth K.Shirakol Asst. Professor M.Tech4.02-4.02View
27 Ms. Channakka Lakkannnavar Asst. Professor M.Tech4.05-4.05View
28 Mrs. Sangeetha Gouda Asst. Professor M.Tech.,MBA22.00-22.00View
29 Mr. Vyas R Murnal Asst.Professor M.Tech(Ph.D)
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