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SDME Society,Ujire(D.K)
Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara College of Engineering and Technology
(An autonomous college under Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belgavi and Recognised by AICTE)
Competence,Commitment and Team work

Dept of Computer Science Engineering


Build a strong research and teaching environment among the students that the students will become globally competent and committed to their profession in turn making student be in a team to contribute to the mankind. Further we will assure all the stakeholders connected with higher education about the quality of education provided by the department.


Provide quality undergraduate and graduate education in both the theoretical and applied foundations of computer science and train students to effectively apply this education to solve real-world problems thus amplifying their potential for lifelong high-quality careers and give them a competitive advantage in the ever-changing and challenging global work environment of the this century

Conduct research to advance the state of the art in computer science and integrate research results and innovations into other scientific disciplines

Share the knowledge acquired in the department with other peers of other engineering disciplines.

Provide computer science expertise to the society. Disseminate the acquired computer science and engineering skills to the society for achieving the better quality of life”

SDM College of Engineering and Technology
Dharwad - 580 002
Tel: (o)0836-2447465/2448327/2435307/24474664
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