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Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara College of Engineering and Technology
(An autonomous college under Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belgavi and Recognised by AICTE)
Competence,Commitment and Team work

Dept of Chemical Engineering

List of Laboratories in the Department

  • Mechanical Operation Laboratory
  • Analysis Laboratory
  • Momentum Transfer Laboratory
  • Heat Transfer Laboratory
  • Instrumental method of analysis and Pollution Laboratory
  • Mass Transfer Laboratory
  • Chemical Reaction Engineering Laboratory
  • Computer Application Laboratory
  • Process Control Laboratory

List of Experiments

Mineral Processing Laboratory

  1. Ball Mill
  2. Beaker decantation
  3. Cyclone separator
  4. Drop weight crusher
  5. Jaw crusher
  6. Leaf filter
  7. Plate & frame filter press
  8. Screen effectiveness
  9. Sieve Analysis
  10. Thickener
  11. Batch Sedimentation
  12. Air Elutriation

Fluids Mechanics Laboratory

  1. Fluidized bed.
  2. Local Velocity Measurement using Pitot tube.
  3. Positive displacement Pump Characteristics.
  4. Reynolds Experiment
  5. Flow through Spiral Coil
  6. Orifice Meter & Venturi meter Characteristics.
  7. Pipe fittings
  8. Friction in Circular Pipes.

Thermal Engineering Laboratory

  1. Double Pipe Heat Exchanger.
  2. Cross Flow Heat Exchanger.
  3. Thermal Conductivity of liquids.
  4. Heat Transfer through Lagged Pipe.
  5. Emissivity Determination.
  6. Stefan- Boltzmann Apparatus.
  7. Extended surfaces.
  8. Packed bed Vertical Condenser.
  9. Heat transfer through helical Coil.
  10. Unsteady state heat transfer.
  11. Natural & forced convention in a jacketed vessel.

Analysis Laboratory

  1. Study of Common apparatus & Basic techniques.
  2. Estimation of Reducing sugars (qualitatively & quantitatively)
  3. Estimation of Moisture and Ash content.
  4. Estimation of Hardness of water.
  5. Chemical Analysis of soil sample
  6. Determine Optimum Dosage of alum to raw water
  7. Estimation of Oil in seeds by Solvent Extraction Method.
  8. Estimation of Total Loss of Ignition for Cement Sample.
  9. Determination of Organic Nitrogen.
  10. Determination of Bulk density, Porosity and Specific surface area of a sample
  11. Analysis of Fermentation Process.

Instrumental Analysis and Environmental Engg. Laboratory

  1. Analysis of effluents for pH, alkalinity and turbidity.
  2. Analysis by Ion selective electrode (any two anions)
  3. Karl Fischer Auto Titrator
  4. Digital Flame Photometer
  5. Turbiditymeter
  6. Red Wood Viscometer
  7. Milli Volt Titrator
  8. Bomb Calorimeter
  9. Determination of COD and BOD
  10. Volatile, Fixed, Filterable and Dissolved solid analysis
  11. Dissolved Oxygen Measurement
  12. Particulate Matter Analysis by HVS
  13. Analysis of Exhaust by Orsat Apparatus

Diffusion Separation Laboratory

  1. Diffusion of Organic Vapours in Air
  2. Steam Distillation
  3. Simple or Differential Distillation
  4. Solid - Liquid Leaching
  5. Surface Evaporation
  6. Tray Dryer
  7. Adsorption Studies
  8. Liquid - Liquid Equilibrium
  9. Liquid Extraction - (Cross current: single and multi Stage)
  10. Hydrodynamic studies in Packed Bed
  11. Cooling Tower
  12. Solid Dissolution
  13. Vapour Liquid Equilibrium

Reaction Kinetics Laboratory

  1. Batch Reactor
  2. Isothermal Plug Flow Reactor
  3. Semi Batch Reactor
  4. Mixed Flow Reactor
  5. Heterogeneous Catalytic Reactor
  6. Adiabatic Batch Reactor
  7. Packed Bed Reactor
  8. RTD Studies in Tubular Flow Reactor
  9. Effect of temperature on Rate of Reaction
  10. RTD Studies in Mixed Flow Reactor

Automation Laboratory

  1. First Order System
  2. Second Order System
  3. Single Capacity System
  4. Interacting System
  5. Non-Interacting System
  6. Study of Control Valves
  7. Continuous Stirred Tank Heater
  8. Study of Temperature Sensors
  9. I/P & P/I Converter
  10. Flapper-Nozzle
  11. Level Control Trainer
  12. Temperature Control Trainer

Computer Applications in Chemical Engineering and Simulation Laboratory C – Programming:

  1. Flash Vaporization for multi-component system
  2. Design of Adiabatic Batch Reactor, PFR
  3. Bubble and Dew temperature.
  4. Double pipe Heat Exchanger (Area, Length and Pressure drop)
  5. Distillation column (Bubble cap)


  1. Introduction to suggested software available (flow sheeting)
  2. Simulation Studies of flash drum, Distillation Column, CSTR, PFR, Heat Exchanger.
  3. Simulation Studies of pump, compressor, cyclone, heater
  4. Process simulation study of the following process:
    1. Ethylene Glycol from Ethylene oxide
    2. Atmospheric distillation of crude oil
    3. Phthalic anhydride process
    4. Aromatic stripper with Toluene, Xylene
    5. Styrene from Ethyl Benzene
  5. Introduction to E-Fluent Software.
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