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Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara College of Engineering and Technology
(An autonomous college under Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belgavi and Recognised by AICTE)
Competence,Commitment and Team work

Dept of Chemistry


Study of concepts of Chemistry for the hightech applications in the field of Engineering.

  • Study of mutual relationship of chemical and electrical phenomenon.
  • Study of historically considered concepts of Chemistry in the field of battery technology.
  • Irradication of vexing problem of corrosion of metal structures.
  • Development of in-exhaustible alternate energy source is highly required.
  • Development of Polymer Science and Technology provides the needs of engineering.
  • Study of equilibria existing in heterogeneous systems helps engineering.
  • Analysis of water for its parameters is very important before using it for any purpose.
  • Study of cementing materials having rated importance in engineering.


  • Study of electrochemical principles helps in understanding the concepts of reactions involved in different fields of engineering.
  • Study of diverse applications of modern batteries ha spurred the development of engineering.
  • Development of new techniques to control the corrosion to the greater extent.
  • Production of alternate fuels using nonexhastible biomass has got rated importance.
  • Production of advanced polymers having diverse applications.
  • Study of applications of phase rule to know the equilibria existing in heterogeneous systems.
  • Study of different parameters of water is very important.
  • Study of production of cementing materials having very high applications.
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